Why Regular Eye Exams Are Crucial

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If you want to check the quality of your vision or determine if you have any underlying eyesight or health problems, getting an eye test comes in handy! Your vision goes through several changes, and therefore you need benchmarks to determine if it is deteriorating, normal, or much better. 20/20 vision determines your ability to interpret any text or identify any object at twenty feet with absolute ease and comfort. Doctors consider 20/20 vision normal as it states that you don’t have any sight correction issues. However, you can also have vision that is better or worse than this “normal.” In the case of the former, corrective measures must be considered. If your eyesight is better than 20/20 vision, you can still take steps to preserve it.

Besides 20/20 vision, there are so many different qualities of vision, such as peripheral vision, eye coordination, depth perception, etc. Inaccuracies in these areas can also impact the quality of your sight. The experts at St-Pierre Eye Care understand that good vision is a combination of things and a vital ability. This is why we want to highlight the importance of getting regular eye exams to maintain proper vision.

The advantage of regular eye exams

It is so easy to assume that red eyes, pain, or unusual visual symptoms will go away on their own. But, these could be a sign of poor eye health. There are also multiple sight-threatening conditions that only show symptoms when the condition is advanced and difficult, or even impossible, to treat. So, the only way to ensure your eyes are healthy and preventive measures are taken is to have a comprehensive eye exam every year.

Regular eye exams help you determine the correct state of your eyes through various proven tests. In addition, they help to examine, assess, measure, and diagnose possible disorders and diseases within the human eye, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Early treatment is critically important, and children especially should have at least one eye exam between the ages of two and five and yearly after starting school. Adults aged nineteen to sixty-four should have an eye exam at least every two years, and people with diabetes should have an exam at least once a year. At age sixty-five and older, adults should have an eye exam at least once a year.

During eye exams, your optometrist will make sure that the glasses and contact lenses you have are being appropriately used to correct your vision. They will even attend to your eye health needs and ensure the remedy suggested suits your lifestyle.

As you can see, regular eye care can have a life-changing impact by preserving your vision. So, act now and speak to your local or family optometrist to gain more information.

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